Desert Sage Face Creme


Desert Sage “Perfect” Face Creme

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This is my absolute favorite face cream! I have used Rosemary Gladstar’s much beloved Perfect Face Creme recipe as my starting point, and adjusted it to my own liking and scent. This blend is especially suited to our extreme Colorado dryness, high altitude, sun and wind.

This lotion is the perfect 50/50 blend of oil and water, expertly combined to give it a very rich, but quickly absorbed quality. Its ingredient list is full of good-for-you waters and oils (aloe vera, vitamin E, rose water, grapeseed oil, coconut oil, beeswax and a balancing essential oil to name a few.) It is truly nourshing for your face, and affordable enough to use on your entire body. Cream has an oily feel at first, but it settles quickly into the epidermal layer of your skin, deeply nourishing and protecting the dermal layer from moisture loss. Your skin will feel smoother, be more supple and hydrated and the goodness lasts all day.

The only “rule” about this cream, writes Rosemary, is that it cannot be used with any negative thoughts about the body it’s being used on. This, she says, is part of the cream’s magic (Well, then. Amen!)

Oh! The new label! “Desert Sage” feels like the perfect name for my homemade goods. For one, I have a long standing love affair with the common plant, artemisia tridentata (commonly called desert sage, or big sage brush) and I love the play on words. Wise, earthy, simple and effective. These are the qualities I hope these gifts and goods convey.

Thank you God, thank you life, thank you land, thank you kids, thank you Ben (who incidentally bundled long stalks of big sage brush with me within weeks of living here!) thank you River, thank you daughters Phoebe and Willoree, and thank you friends old and new.

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