Healing Massage Therapy in Longmont

It’s loud out there. And busy.

We all benefit from slowing down, breathing more deeply, and turning our attention inwards to the deeper currents of our being. Receiving healing massage gives us a chance to settle into our deepest currents of being, where healing naturally happens, and more.

I am happy to offer intuitive, therapeutic massage to my well-loved clientele in the Boulder County area. I am a graduate of Healing Spirits Integrative Massage Program in Boulder, CO and I work from my home.

Integrative Massage works to release held tension and dissolve body armoring. I will work with your breath, your energy flow, and a variety of massage modalities to assist the release of tension, decrease pain, and increase vitality and awareness. Many strokes will overlap joints and corresponding body parts to create a feeling of interconnectedness and cohesive embodiment.

My goal in every session is for you to experience more comfort, aliveness and joy in your body, more heart connection at home and in the world, and a centered, more natural state of mental health so you can be your best.

I work with all kinds of people, typically referral-based, and I specialize in working with women who are struggling with pain, stress management, anxiety and finding balance in their lives. You can read more about me here

Come home to your body and your breath!
Please email me or call or text 917-345-0128 to book a session.

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Happy Winter!

Our wintry natural world is offering us the message of simplification, essentialism, and “just the basics”. Winter encourages us to become still, drop deep into ourselves and the energy of our bodies and the earth, to align with what is vital, and to spend time feeling into our depth, our living “human roots”. Watch energy: energy slows down when it is cold. Cold air and cold water drop to low levels. Winter invites to drop into our deepest levels and receive the gifts we find there.


“Thank you SO MUCH for being such a gifted and talented practitioner. You are an awesome healer. It took me five years to find a real pro MT in this town. I am so thankful I found you! I am still reaping the benefits of my session. I feel renewed and restored and no tension in my body. I love this feeling.”

“Mary is hands down, one of the best massage therapists I have seen. I have done a lot of body work in my life and was so beyond grateful when I found Mary. She is responsive, caring, conscientious and incredibly skilled.”

“I am a body worker and extremely picky about who touches me. I have been seeing Mary for years and she is the BEST! She is so good at relieving my aches and pains, stress and chronic anxiety. I always seem all over the place and in my head before the massage, and after I feel so calm, relaxed, and grounded.”

“Mary is intuitive and able to read my body in such a deep way. Her pressure is firm and supportive. She has such a nurturing and nourishing touch that I feel held and cared for when on the table. This woman knows her stuff!”

“she who lives in harmony with herself lives in harmony with the world”

Self Care

Never underestimate the power of regular self care. 

Some of my go-to’s are movement, quiet time in nature, massage, writing, cooking, gardening, reading, a hot bath and laughing. I love my daughters, and making meaningful time with them. I am a lifelong learner, and the quality of my relationships is paramount to my happiness. Even cleaning — sweeping, decluttering, folding — sometimes offers the perfect antidote to frenzy and irritation. Underlying all of these things? A continual love affair with the Divine. I love to feel sacred currents in my day-to-day. 

What’s in your well-being kit?

Know thyself. And build your life around what steadies you. Whatever your tools are, use them often and you shall live a life that runs on peace and harmony, not adrenaline and reactivity.

And, Breathe.