Mary Geitner LMT CEIM

My Story

“How did you end up here?” That was the first question we were asked as we gathered in a circle and introduced ourselves on the first day of massage school. My brain can track it all: growing up with a terminally ill brother and yearning to see a better bedside manner. Insight. Compassion. Idealism. In my 20s, shortly after his death, I fumbled through a pre-med program at Harvard thinking I could “become the change I wanted to see” as an MD — but the warmth I craved wasn’t in Cambridge.

I lasted a year, then quit.

I was in my early thirties, married, a mother, living out west as a seasoned creative professional, when I discovered good bodywork. After a handful of unimpressive massages in college, my awareness shifted in the hands of a masterful, heart centered therapist who, by her touch, warmth, skill and presence, helped me dissolve guardedness and open my senses in new ways. I relaxed and received so deeply in her care; in time, a quiet, inner universe opened for me. I was led into a wellspring of peace I didn’t even know I was searching for! “A reunion with myself” is the best way I can describe it.

Years later, tired of non-stop computer work and eager for a major life change, I enrolled in the Healing Spirits Massage Training Program with the intention of giving this gift of touch and health to others.

I am honored to share my practice with you. I am grateful that bodywork is regular part of my life.

It is busy and loud out there in our world. Stressful situations are everywhere we look. I have learned that self care––be it massage, or whatever else––is the one of the best kinds of health insurance we have.

My style is deep, integrative, unhurried and nurturing. I alternate between specific and holistic techniques in every session. I am intuitive, and I have a sound knowledge of bodily systems, anatomy and physiology. You have my promise that I will listen to and honor your wholeness, so come exactly as you are, and give yourself the gift of slowing down, reconnecting with your body and breath, and allowing deep healing to return to you. You are all welcome here.


I think it’s valuable to mention that receiving massage–receiving anything–is a skill that can be learned and deepened. The more bodywork you receive, the better you get at receiving it. Healing and rest comes at the pace you allow it. With time and a therapist you trust and like, the benefits of bodywork are exponential. After a while you may notice that your experiences deepen. Your posture changes, you feel lighter, more connected to your heart, your body and your wisdom. Your breath will unfold from deep, rich places and it will show up to assist you in all of life’s ups and downs. Pain that once defined you may become manageable. With regular sessions you may simply feel increasingly grounded, peaceful, or more purposeful in your life. Massage is beautiful, profound work.

Be patient with yourself if you’re new to bodywork. If you love bodywork like I do, share your experiences; don’t postpone joy. Book your next session, spread the love and treat yourself well.

My massage table is a sanctuary. I invite you to come home to your body and your breath.

A warm thank you for your interest,


“Eucharisteo—Thanksgiving Always Precedes The Miracle.” ― Ann Voskamp