This Fall, Something New

Letting Go • Harvesting • Conserving

Autumn equinox is all about balance, of course, but I wonder what else Fall brings to life for YOU?

For me, fall is beautiful time to reap, rest, evaluate and begin the journey inwards. It’s a time to cherish … to slow down and catch my breath and perhaps return to some simple things that steady my mind and heart that may have been overlooked for the glitz and hustle of summer’s high energy.  

It’s also a prime time to focus on immune support — remembering that wellness and staying well is a full time, mind body spirit “job” which can mean mindful attention to food, drink, movement, stress management and general practices that boost our natural healthy defenses. 

This fall I’m doing something different, and working with a colleague and yoga teacher Kristen Hess co-teaching a workshop in Lafayette CO. If you are interested in joining our intimate group, please email me, or contact the studio to register.

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October Wellness Workshop

Saturday, October 22nd • 2-4pm • $44
Rocky Mountain Pilates and Yoga • 816 E Baseline Rd, Lafayette, CO 80026

Join yoga teacher Kristen Hess and massage therapist Mary Geitner to bolster your health and wellbeing during the fall season.  We’ll explore self myofascial release, gentle yoga, and the Wisdom of the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine to unwind tension and cultivate harmony in your mind and body. Experience benefits such as increased circulation, immune support, energetic balance and deep relaxation. Please wear comfortable, tighter clothing. All tools provided.

Space limited to 12.

Self Myofascial Release

Your body is composed of much more than just muscle and bone.

Fascia is an interconnected system within the body that moves from superficial to deep to visceral. It is one, continuous layer of connection that exists in the body from head to toe, front to back, and side to side.

This fascia surrounds your bones and organs. It connects bone to bone and muscle to bone. It surrounds groups of muscles and individual muscles – down to every last muscle spindle.

Your fascia plays a huge role in how your body interprets the world around you and in how your body communicates.

Within the last decade, fascia has become an important aspect of research for movement professionals and scientists all over the world. Through the study of fascia, we are learning the important role it plays in our ability to adapt and become resilient as a species.

To learn more about fascia and self myofascial release, click here to read the full article originally published on YogiApproved.com.

By Allie Geer for YogiApproved.


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